Our project can help to plan as quickly as possible and effortlessly your vacation beforehand. We deliver services to our clients, so we always focus on a special attitude to the service. With a CoinTour you can easily pay for hotel accommodation, transport rentals, etc.
The benefits of this project are safety, transparency, speed and decentralization.
Taking into account many years of experience in the field of service provision we are innovative in thoughts and actions because only innovations make changes and we are doing our best to be proud of our services.
For a wide and stable customer network, we establish cooperation with such services as booking, hotels, expedia, agoda, carrentals.

Fast - the average block time on Ethereum is around 20 seconds

Low Fees - an average transaction fee is from $0.20 to $0.50

Limited Supply - the total supply is limited - only 21,000,000 coins

Anonymous & Secure - no central authority and personal information record

Innovating – new type of payments using popular services

Easy - your payments haven't been so simple yet




November-December 2017



Exchanges, CoinMarketCap 

January-February 2018





February 2018



Cooperation with booking services


Alpha Version

March 2018



Beta Version

August 2018



Launching own platform

1-2Q 2019



Android and IOS app

2-3Q 2019






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